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The history of Cornerstone Peaceful Bible Baptist Church (CPBBC) is the story of God’s abundant provision and miraculous workings. It started with the merger of two churches – Cornerstone Baptist Church and Peaceful Bible Baptist Church.

On June 3, 1984, Pastor Daniel Mangrum held the first service of the newly formed Cornerstone Baptist Church at Roger Heights Elementary School in Bladensburg, MD. With a small membership, God prospered this ministry to purchase 1.5 acres of land in Hyattsville, MD, for a new church. The Peaceful Bible Baptist Church was organized in February 1983 by Rev. Fred Xavier Porter. Under his leadership the church prospered and purchased a building on Old Central Avenue, in Capital Heights, MD.

After the untimely death of Pastor Porter, Pastor Daniel T. Mangrum presided over the merger of the two congregations in 1987. It is called the “Miracle Merger.” As a result of these powerful congregations coming together, God birthed a powerful ministry that over the years has touched millions of lives.

The Church almost immediately experienced phenomenal growth. To accommodate the growth, the church moved from Capitol Heights to their new facility in Hyattsville. However, the congregation’s expansion necessitated the need to sell that facility and purchase land in Upper Marlboro for a larger building. While the building was under construction, the church held services in the gymnasium at Gwynn Park High School. In April of 1997, CPBBC moved into their new 22,000 square foot facility on Crain Highway in Upper Marlboro. In 2002, the Excellence Christian School opened on this site with forty students serving K-5 to sixth grade.

The continued increase in both the church and school required that we purchase 27 acres on Frank Tippett Road to build an even larger facility. Construction began in April 2007. Despite the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression, God miraculously provided and CPBBC was able to finish the first phase of its building program. A state of the art, 66,000 square foot, School Facility was completed in September 2008. The church and school share the use of the building until the second phase is built. Presently, plans are being drawn up to apply for a construction permit to proceed with the second phase which will be a new Worship Center.

CPBBC has seen thousands of persons come to the Lord and receive healing and deliverance. The ministry has a very popular television ministry that reaches over two million viewers weekly. In addition, both Sunday services as well as Tuesday evening Bible Study can be seen via our live streaming broadcast. You are invited to be a part of the ongoing miracle of CPBBC as God continues to display His power and special favor on this congregation.

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